Texas Real Estate License And Completed Course Work

Texas Real Estate License Completed Course Work! (Curious Minds Only!!!)

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The information is provided to those with inquiring minds! Please take a look around…

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Lakisha Akbar is a licensed real estate agent, below you will find proof her records.

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Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my Texas Real Estate License and Completed Course Work page. On this page, you’ll find exactly that. If you’ve lost your way please head back to the home page.

Either way, I’ve I made this page for curious minds. So, if you’re new to this website, Welcome, welcome, welcome! You can learn more about me here. but, in brief, I’m Lakisha Akbar, an apartment locator. Also a licensed real estate agent, in Texas to be more specific.

I made this page for my readers who aren’t really familiar with apartment locating, as which many have never heard of it, myself included. Well at least not until several years ago, when I came across my first apartment locator, and thought it was totally a scam pr some sort of catch to it. At that time I didn’t understand why he was putting all his free time into helping me find away to relocate for free.

With that said, fast forward several years, and now I do the same. Why because, I love helping people, I’ve moved way more times than I have fingers to count. So, I do know a little about moving. Now, here’s what you came for, below you’ll find my Texas Real Estate License And Completed Course Work!

What Does A Texas Real Estate License Look Like?

If you’ve been wondering what a Texas Real Estate License looks like. Below is a real and Active Texas Real Estate License. In fact, it’s mines.

FYI, TREC is the Real Estate Commissioner who governs the state of Texas Agents.

You’ll find our name, agent ID# and Broker information. If you were to take a peek at the image below, you’ll find on the right side of the license is an expiration date. So, every two years agents must update their education and license to remain an active Texas Real Estate Agent. If we do not, then the license will go inactive. So, why am I showing you this?

Because, my mission is to gain trust with you one individual at a time, besides this same information is available to the public at the Real Estate Commissioners website for free, so it’s no secret.

Lakisha Akbar Real Estate License

What Courses Did I Complete? (Real Estate Courses)

Before, obtaining my real estate license I had to take a course which consistent of 180 hours. After taking my course I had to pass a State and National Exam, which was very nerve wrecking by the way, but because, I was determined to help renters locator their next apartment I was determined to pass. The good news is that I passed it on my first try!

So, take a look at my completed course work, also approved by TREC. It took me four long months to juggle my family life, rental surveyor job, and to cram all of that information into my head and pass the test. I’m just glad that’s over with.

As I complete new courses, which probably won’t be any time soon. I’ll update this page.

Apartment Locating Masterclass

After I completed all the above. I had to get sponsored by a Texas Broker…

Just so we are both on the same page, the State of Texas did not require the Apartment locating master course. Instead my Broker required it. All agents had to complete the course so that we can serve you to the best of our ability.

There’s no proof of this course, but rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Other Required Information

Just in case you haven’t taken a look around, here is other required information that the state of TEXAS requires every agent to provide. Typically it’s located at the bottom of our website, but in this case I have conveniently fetched it for you. It’s the Information About Brokerage Services and Consumer Protection.

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