Reasons Why You Should Use An Apartment Locating Service

9 Reasons Why You Should Use An Apartment Locating Service

Is your lease about to come to an end? Has your job location changed? Has your rent increased where you live? Heck, maybe you just want to relocate!

Whatever the reason, you’re looking for a new apartment and you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a locator is right for you, consider the following reasons why previous clients have used locator services:

9 Reasons Why You Should Use An Apartment Locating Service

Fast track your search. Save money and Time. Have a customized apartment list sent to you. Locators can set your tours and make all the calls on your behalf. Helps avoid rental scams. They’re professional experts. And it’s no risk

#1. Fast Track Your Search…We Save You Time!

Consider making numerous calls to housing complexes while at work but having no luck getting anyone to pick up the phone. As a result, you find yourself calling several properties in vain.

If you reach a breaking point, you give up and select any apartment complex you can reach. And the only reason you chose this specific apartment building is because they picked up the phone when you called, and you’re running out of time.

For crying out loud, all you’re trying to accomplish is see what units are ready, what the price point is, and perhaps gawk at the features they include.

As if making phone calls wasn’t already a waste of time.

What makes matters worse is this entire process mentioned above can cause you to lose time and money.

In fact some people have to take a day off just to figure out where their new apartment will be located since the only apartments you notice are the ones either friends or family told you about. Or you’ve passed them on your way out.

What happens if you don’t pass by the apartment that could have been yours?

Well, I think we can all agree on the answer: you will not be getting the apartment that could have been yours, which brings me to my next point.

We Make The Phone Calls On Your Behalf

A Locator Service will not only help you save time because it takes a fraction of our time compared to yours but, we’ll seek out the information and make the phone calls on your behalf.

Houston, for example, is a massive city. According to Party Shop, there are approximately 2,883 apartment complexes with a total of at least 679,580 units. That is a significant number of apartments!

And from my experience as an rental surveyor, where it was my job to call the apartment complexes daily. I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get anyone on the phone.

#2. Don’t Empty Your Purse…We Save You Money….

“Time is money,” as the saying goes. And sometimes, in order to get ahead, we must rely on the time and expertise of others. Not take advantage of it, but rather leverage it.

So, how does a rental agent assist you in saving money? That is an excellent question.

No Need To Miss Unnecessary Hours

Taking into account the possible consequences, let’s say you need to leave work to find a new home. That’s potential money and time lost. Especially if you are unable to take off.

Even if you had PTO, you’d be utilizing hours that you don’t need to. I’d encourage you to save those hours for more important times, such as your actually move or touring the property that you’re most interested in. 

As mentioned earlier, taking break after break to reach out to the apartment complexes can cause you to lose track of time and your duties at work. There’s no need for that that’s what locating services are for. We’re here to make your transition as hassle-free as possible.

We Can Save You Gas and Mileage...

Traveling back and forth between the communities can help you increase your vehicle’s mileage and increase your gas bill. If you don’t mind the extra expenses, be my guest. However, if you’d rather save money, you need a locator.

Whether you realize it or not losing hours from work, and increasing the gas bill can effect your overall bottom line. With inflation increasing, and there is no foreseen way of it coming back down, every penny counts.

We Have Insider Deals…

While not always guaranteed, there are times when we do get insider deals. In fact, we receive emails every week with different apartment specials, which I can send right to your inbox when you join my newsletter.

Regardless, sometimes, these deals are offered with a contingency, and or on a limited-time basis.

The point is that these specials aren’t always listed on any public website. Not even

For example, recently I spoke with a leasing agent and was given an additional $500 off per month on top of the all ready $200 per month, which would have been a total of $700 off per month. There was also a time, where a client was offered 2 months free if they were to apply that day.

Now, that was a steal of a deal. Of course, this is not always guaranteed but, utilizing an apartment locator can be beneficial.

We Help Reduce Your Denial Rate

Why would you want to go at this alone?

Apartment hunting under unfavorable odds leaves us with limited availability.

Receiving a denial can not only be embarrassing but, frustrating at the same time. Not to mention this causes you to potentially lose points. And guess what? One of the deciding factors of any credit approval is based on the credit score.

The good news is there’s no judgement passed here. By understanding life throws us curve balls, we work hard to find apartments that are willing to accept your application.

And sometimes, it does take time, this why it is encouraged for you to start your search 60 days before your current lease it up.

Each city has their own rules. Every apartment complex has their own rules. Plus, each individual has different reasonings, and all parties will have different outcomes. The point is no two scenarios are alike.

If your credit isn’t flawless and you’ve experienced broken leases, evictions, property debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures, or you have a criminal background, leveraging an apartment locator may be in your best interest. And here’s how?

While the landlord has the final say, an apartment locator can guide you to properties that are more likely to rent to you under special circumstances. We are not only backed by methods, but we also have a team of combined experience that aims to assist clients in accomplishing their objectives.

In return, this can help you reduce your denial chances, which can help you relax more and focus on packing up your current home. The key to make your process more successful is to be upfront and honest with the locator. Just lay it all out on the table.

#3. We Are Problem Solvers

One of the misconceptions about working with an apartment locator is that we aren’t problem solvers. Instead they believe we are nothing but, property pushers. And that’s far from the truth.

Yes, we advertise properties but, in most cases they come with good deals, work with second chance and the list goes on. Instead of randomly advertising properties, we’re like a friend trying to show you you’re options.

Further more, in many cases there’s a ton of behind the scene work and hours being put into to getting the job accomplished. Therefore, in the end most apartment locators are problem solvers.

#4. Your Key To More Success When There’s A Rebate

Firstly, what you need to know about rebates is that not all locators will offer one.

Each brokerage has its own rules, and most of the time, rebates are offered under special conditions, that are given with caveats.

To summarize the process but, not limited too, you’ll need to list your locator as your referral source on your application and guest card, then move in and pay your first and possibly second month rent. In addition to this, your locator may need to do a lease verification with you because, the apartments don’t always notify your locator of your approval.

Either way, some brokerages will have you fill out a form, while others will not.

#5. We’re In The Trenches Day In & Day Out

Well, who knows the market better than a person studying it? And, while this can be anyone, if you aren’t constantly dealing with apartments and studying the market, an apartment locator can help you find an apartment that meets your needs, budget, and overall criteria.

#6. We Have Insider Information, Craigslist, and other popular rental-finding websites are frequently mentioned, but did you know that sometimes locators advertise on those sites?

Yes, you may end up working with a locator in the end.

Don’t get me wrong: is a fantastic website, but they don’t provide a complete breakdown of what the apartment community accepts and what they don’t. Sometimes, the availability and pricing are also incorrect, and this could be because with real estate, changes are made overnight.  

When working as a rental surveyor we were forbidden to rely on those types of sites because, the information is not always accurate. I learned over time, that the company I was working for was correct. Calling the properties directly is where you will get the most up to date pricing information but, hey they can lead you somewhat into the right direction.

With that in mind, rental websites and apartment locators are two different things. The rental website displays the apartment, but, a locator uses software, almost like an MLS, which helps narrow your search down. In addition, to this, we are in communication with the leasing agent and or property manager.

The Apartment MLS software is only available to licensed agents which allows us to filter through certain criteria’s.

Another great point, which I’d like to add, is that these same popular websites do not always disclose their specials.

Heck, sometimes the apartment complexes themselves won’t freely disclose their specials. Not to everyone who calls, at any rate.

This is a facts, in short, I’ve worked for a company where it was my job to call the properties, and getting all the information including promos was like prying teeth.

They don’t always freely give out the information, which is another good reason why in my opinion, it’s in your best interest to have someone working on your behalf.

We don’t make miracles happen, but you never know what your options are unless you give it a try.

#7. Can YOU Hear Me? We Are Licensed…

I apologize if I sound like a broken record. 

And by the way, I promise I wasn’t yelling at you…

I’m a friendly person, so no worries…LOL, but are you still wondering why you should consider using an apartment locating service to find your next apartment?

Well, you should consider using an apartment locator because, we are LICENSED and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Also, the majority of apartment locators are monitored under the supervision of a broker, meaning we are managed or overseen by a broker. They’re like our bosses.

I can’t get into the legality of it but, just know we aren’t random people trying to find you an apartment. In TRECs eyes that’s grounds for punishment. 

So, let’s take all the above into consideration: we are licensed, regulated by the Texas real estate commissioners, and we have a broker. Apartment locating definitely isn’t a scam.

It’s a free service to you, and were licensed. So, there’s no risk!

Technically, We’re Passionate About Helping Renters…Instead of Buyers

The real question is, can apartment locators sell homes? In short, yes.

However, instead of us focusing buyers or home ownership, we give our undivided attention to people who are searching for rental property.

With that in mind, the agents that focus on homebuyers they have a passion to help buyers. On the other hand, an apartment locator prefers to help renters.

Just in case you lost yourself, we’re talking about apartment locators. Apartment locators are real estate agents who specialize in multi-family homes, such as apartments and rentals. We also have the ability to sell new construction homes as well…

But as I mentioned earlier our focus is rental properties such as:

  • Standard Apartments
  • Second Chance Rentals
  • Condos
  • Luxury Apartments
  • 55+ communities
  • Corporate Housing
  • Apartments with Garages
  • High Rises
  • Rental Homes
  • and so on. 

We only search for rentals every day!

#8. Put Your Wallet Away…IT Doesn’t Cost You A Thing

Did I mention our service is free?

I know I did! I’m just making sure you’re still following along…LOL.

Anyhow, it’s a free service to you. And the reason why it’s a free service to you is because the apartment complex pays us a referral fee when you list our name as your referral source.

Here’s the thing, We don’t get paid until you list our name and company name on the application as your referral source. In addition to that, our payment is not sent to us until a month or two after you move-in. Your lease has to be verified as well.

With that in mind, it’s in our best interest to provide you with a list of apartments that you would actually want to rent. It’s also in our best interest to treat you with respect and work for you and your budget because, when you’re not satisfied with your apartment, you’ll just eventually move out.

Or, in a worst-case scenario, you may forget all about your locator. So, essentially, we don’t get paid.

Not good at all, so our job is to help you to the best of our ability.

#9. We Don’t Sell Anything To YOU So There’s No Risk

To lay this all out on the table, we don’t do no sneaky up-sells, because, well, there’s nothing to sell.

We don’t own the buildings, nor do we work for the apartment complex so, your rent will never be effected by hiring a licensed locator. And we do our best to stay as close to your budget as possible. So, you should never receive proeprties that are way out of your budget.

That defeats the whole purpose because, we all have mouths to feed.

And as a locator myself with mouths to feed, I don’t believe in that type of practice. I also believe in being truthful, which is one reason why I’m laying it all on the table.  

For instance, I believe in a bang for my buck, so, if you tell me that your budget is $1600, I’ll find you apartments within that price range and I do my darndest to beat it.

Now there are times, we might find apartments that are slightly higher. Such as $40 over your budget, but if we send you an apartment that is just a tad over your budget, you can say no because that isn’t going to work.

Hear me out: There’s a good reason why this might have happened. Sometimes, based on the circumstances, your apartment options may be limited, so we may have to go a tad above your budget to find you a place.

Of course, you will still have to make at least three times the rent so, realistically it would still be within parameters.

By the way, I wish someone had told me all of my options after all of the times I’ve moved. Unfortunately, apartment locating services was not on my radar.

To Sum It All Up

After reviewing the numerous reasons why you should consider using an apartment locator service.

Do you have any thoughts on why you should not use an apartment locator? I’d like to know, so please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Have you ever thought about using an apartment locator?

In any case, I believe you’d agree that there are multiple cases where using an apartment locator service makes perfect sense. At the end of the day, we make your apartment search easier and less stressful.

Besides that, most locators don’t charge you anything, we don’t up-sell you, and we are licensed. Think of it as a free service where apartment locating is done for you! So, what do you think?

Before You Go I Have A Tinsy Winsy Request:

By the way, this site was built by me with you in mind, page by page, post by post. If you found anything at all helpful please share it with your friends, family, and strangers, who is searching for an apartment within the next 60 days. 

I say 60 days because, most apartment complexes don’t know their availability beyond that. Either way, I would greatly appreciate your support and thank you so much!

Until next time, I wish you the best and all the success. Have an AMAZING day!

Your Apartment Pal,

Lakisha Akbar

9 Reasons Why You Should Use An Apartment Locating Service

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