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About me

Hey there! It’s me Lakisha Akbar…

I’m an Apartment locator hopefully YOURS!

Yeppers! You guessed it…

I’m also a TEXAS Licensed Real Estate Agent….

In fact, I passed that long and daunting test on my 1st TRY, just so that I could help renters. So, if you plan on moving within the next 60 days. I can assist you with your search.

Lakisha Akbar in her futuristic office…LOL

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My service is available to YOU for free!

I broker rental deals. In other words, I help take the stress out of your next apartment move by helping you locate an apartment which will not only relieve some stress, save you time but, also save you money.

Besides, there’s about 8.1 million units in TEXAS with the Houston area owning about 627k of those apartment units. There’s no way you could find everything that’s out there!

So, Who Am I?

First and foremost, I put God first! Secondly, I’m a mother & a wife to a disabled veteran.

Aside from that, I’ve been associated with the military my entire life. I’ve also lived in every major city and a few in-betweeners within Texas except for Dallas. I don’t know why I never lived in Dallas – but, truth is I’ve never lived there.

In fact, I moved so much that I’ve moved every 2-5 years. And as an adult, I’ve always relocated without the help of a movers and packers. So, basically, I’m a DIY moving expert as well!

I must admit that if I’d known about an apartment locator, I would have taken advantage of their FREE service. That is why I believe you should consider using one as well.

As a Rental Surveyor, calling and surveying apartment communities across the United States. I understand what you’re going through. Leasing agents seem to never pick up the phone or they can be downright rude at times. And on the brighter side of things some can be a pleasure to work with.

The reason, I became an agent is because, I wanted to help renters, not buyers. But Why?

Because, decades ago, I’ve was on the other side of the fence. Experiencing rental issues. I needed a second chance but, for whatever reason I had to find creative ways to rent my places and it was all due to some extreme life episodes that I personally had no control over.

So, I’ve walked the walk…LOL. I’ve personally had to go through many application rejections, losing money to denial after denial, and countless broken leases. My credit was so shot I was even denied for Income Restricted properties but, that’s a story for another day. The list goes on and on.

I could actually write a book about it but, I think you get the idea. What I want you to know is life happens, it’s not the end of the road. Keep your head up and let’s make this move. I’m here to help you!

Okay, enough about Lakisha let’s focus on you and your apartment locating needs!

I’m On A Mission With YOU In Mind

Asking a stranger to help you find an apartment is kind of SUS…I know!

Sorry, I just had to use that word “SUS” its something my kids say all the time…LOL.

Either way, my mission is to build trust with each individual, and apartment complex one apartment rental at a time.

I’m here to help you narrow down your apartment search so you don’t have to waste money like I did. Driving around searching for a home that I could afford was like a nightmare. Not only did I need to be able to afford the rent, but they had to accept my ruined credit and poor rental history as well.

Using an apartment locator, can help you save time, gas, and money… We don’t make magic, and we can’t work with everyone. But, we can guide you to apartment complexes that may consider your application which helps you from losing money blindly.

So, scroll to the bottom or top of this page & Let’s Book A Session, so that we can discuss what you’re working with.

Proof Of Licensure…

This is not a requirement of our services but, just for you checking out my About Page, I’ll do something for you that most real estate agents/apartment locators will not do. I’ll show you proof of my licensure without you asking. Besides this is no secret we can be looked up at the Trec.Texas.Gov website for further information.

And for curious minds go check this page out too.

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With a positive attitude. We are committed to serve each individual client with knowledge, respect, and friendly service.

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We’re ready to aid you in locating your next apartment. While paying close attention to details and working promptly as possible.

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We help de-stress and simplify your apartment hunting process. The best part is you can put away your wallet. There’s no fee, it’s FREE!

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