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Are you looking for a new apartment?


Job Relocation

Whether you are looking for a new job or your company is relocating you, there’s no turning back. Finding an apartment in a new city can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.


Rent Increased

Oh the affordability! The dreaded notice that your lease is coming to an end. Plus, there will be a significant rent increase aside the ending leasing. Either way, the inevitable is about to happen.


Credit Concerns

You need to move but, credit is your concern. Everyone’s situation is different – and every property has different requirements but, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever.


Need A Fresh Setting

Each individual has their reasons for moving, whether you’re moving because you want better amenities, have problems with your current neighbors, have issues with your current livable space, or you just want to move. I can help!

How I can help you find your next home?


Let Me Send You A List Of Apartments!

First, we jump on a phone call. We’ll go over your unique situation. such as budget, location, rental history, and some other small but very important details. It’s critical to be truthful during this stage so that I can send you a list of apartments that are specifically tailored to your needs.


Let Me Help You Simplify Your Search!

I get it! Moving is stressful, time consuming, and it can make you want to pull your hair out. Apartment locators know the market, the area, and we can guide you in the right direction, with a lot of phone calls and a few clicks of a button.


Let Me Help You!

After moving so many times throughout life, I understand the sense of urgency, paying attention to details, and getting the job done. My service is completely free to my clients. You list me down as your referral source on your application & the apartments will pay me a referral fee.

Apartment Building

LIVE like YOU want & LOVE where YOU live!

Lakisha Akbar Thinking
Tell us your specific rental budget + housing needs & let Lakisha Akbar do your apartment locating and thinking for you, for FREE!

About Me…

Hey There!!! I’m La’Kisha Akbar a Licensed Real Estate Agent . I Specialize in TEXAS Apartment Locating.

Utilize an apartment locator to save time & effort. We locate apartments for a living, which helps you stress less, save money, & time. Besides that, there’s NO CHARGE!

Best Kept Secrets (Coming Soon)

Oh you found our BEST kept secrets section. Okay, they are really not that Secret…but, they can be useful for some! These are kept locked away, and for YOUR EYES ONLY!

Moving can be stressful and feel like a full-time job in itself!

$0.00 (FREE, No Charge)

We’ve created a guide to help ease some of your relocation frustrations.

For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only! This Girl Is A Licensed Real Estate Agent!

$0.00 (FREE, No Charge)

LOOKING for a reliable apartment locator & just not quite ready yet. This one is TOP SECRET!

Rental Resources

Rental Resources That You Or Someone Could Find Useful!

$0.00 (FREE, No Charge)

We’ve also created a rental resource for those that are looking for different types of services.

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